Reps. Tammie Wilson & Lynn Gattis on lessons learned and looking forward …

gattis-wilsonYesterday (Friday) Reps. Tammie Wilson and Lynn Gattis joined me during my stint as guest host on KBYR AM700‘s The Michael Dukes Show to reflect on the lessons learned from 2016 and talk about the issues going forward into 2017.

Both were members of the House Majority and sat on the House Finance Committee this past session.  Rep. Wilson will be a member of the House Minority and continue to sit on the House Finance Committee this coming session.  Rep. Gattis is not returning but intends to remain active on the issues.

The conversation provides a somewhat behind the scenes view of the how individual legislators responded to the state’s fiscal issues last legislature, how the legislative process dealt with those efforts and what effect that had on the subsequent election. Importantly, the conversation also addresses the assertion, by some, that “the legislature didn’t do anything” to address the state’s fiscal situation last session.

Going forward, the two discuss how the issues likely are to be dealt with this coming legislature and how, from their perspective, Alaskans can best participate in the process.

The podcast is here:

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