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Two entirely different perspectives on the Permanent Fund earnings stream …

FB Ad Pic (with text)This week I am guest hosting The Michael Dukes Show.  Yesterday (Tuesday) I invited Casey Reynolds to join me on the show during the 7am block to discuss his The Midnight Sun blog (& podcast), the coming legislative session and anything else that came up along the way.

In the final segment of that hour we finally turned to the legislative session and, as part of that, the fiscal issues facing the state.  Quickly, we fell into a discussion about the use of the Permanent Fund earnings stream, particularly that portion used to fund the Permanent Fund dividend, which then led to a discussion as much about “who owns” the stream than anything else.  Because we were in the middle of that discussion as we approached the top-of-the-hour break we continued it over also to the first segment of the 8am hour of the show.

What I didn’t realize at the time but subsequently learned from a listener was that Casey also had talked about the issue — and my position — the preceding weekend on The Midnight Sun podcast.  Because his comments during the podcast are a good introduction also to the position he took during our discussion I have included both clips with this post.

For those of you that want a quick orientation before listening to the clips, here is what Casey said on his podcast during a discussion with his co-host, Forrest Dunbar about the

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