Senator Mike Dunleavy’s Fiscal Plan …

dunleavy-banner10Wednesday, during my run as guest host of KBYR AM700‘s The Michael Dukes ShowAlaska State Senator Mike Dunleavy joined us to preview the fiscal plan he proposes to introduce this coming session in his capacity as incoming Chair of the Senate State Affairs Committee and a continuing member of the Senate Finance Committee.

Despite a bit of self-induced technical difficulty on my end (we crashed into the top-of-the-hour hard break, a talk radio no-no), the Senator stayed with us to finish providing a full preview of the plan and give us the opportunity to ask a few questions.  With a bit of editing — to limit inflicting on listeners a full repeat of the technical difficulties — here is the podcast of the discussion in two parts.  The first is the opening in the 7am hour; the second is the continuation and wrap up in the 8am hour.

Part 1 (7am block segment)


Part 2 (8am block segment)


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