Aaron Lowjeski in Fairbanks House District 5

jpegAs someone who cares deeply about Alaska’s fiscal and economic condition, from time to time I have gone the extra mile to support candidates that I think, if elected, can be positive difference-makers in developing state fiscal policy.

In that vein I am going the extra mile the last two weeks of this election cycle to support Aaron Lojewski in House District 5 (Fairbanks).

The following radio ad and some related digital is going up today and will run through election day.

Why?  Aaron is right on the three issues that I consider the most important this election cycle from a fiscal policy perspective.

  • He supports developing a sustainable budget (calculated consistent with the Goldsmith model),
  • He opposes cutting the dividend, and
  • In an opinion piece from last year, makes clear he opposes so-called “new” revenues from taxes.

But its goes beyond even that.  In a presentation Friday I emphasized that ultimately achieving those three objectives requires a knowledgeable and disciplined legislative process.

With a Masters in Applied Economics from UAF, as a small businessman and a member of the Interior Gas Utility Board, Aaron has a solid grasp of the economics involved in developing state fiscal policy and, because of that background, in my view the ability to be a long-term difference maker in the legislature on these issues.

As a result, as I have done before in selected situations I am going beyond simply stating my support for Aaron. Here is how I explain it in the radio ad:

Hi Fairbanks, I’m Brad Keithley, founder of Alaskans for Sustainable Budgets, where I’ve been working to develop real solutions to Alaska’s economic situation.

This year’s General Election, on November 8th, is critical to the future of the entire state and I wanted to let you know that in Fairbanks House District 5, I’m supporting Republican Aaron Lojewski.

Alaska is in a recession and cutting the PFD makes it worse. In fact, recently Alaska’s best economic think tank concluded that of all options, cutting the PFD has the worst impact on Alaska’s overall economy.

With a Masters in Applied Economics from UAF, as a small businessman and a member of the Interior Gas Utility Board, Aaron understands the impact, opposes cutting the PFD and has outlined a better way forward in these times for all Alaskans.

On November 8th vote Aaron Lojewski for House District 5. He’s the right choice for maintaining a sustainable Alaska economy.

This communication was paid for by Brad Keithley. This notice to voters is required by Alaska law. I certify this advertisement isn’t authorized, paid for or approved by the candidate.

For those interested in more information, Aaron’s website is www.lojewskiforstatehouse.com.  I encourage you to visit it or, for those in the district, take the opportunity to talk to Aaron directly.

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