Daily Archives: October 3, 2016

Bill Walker is becoming the new Sean Parnell …

how-keep-job-recession-e1452010557125Late last week we wrote a column analyzing the state of Alaska’s overall economy and the effect that Governor Walker’s PFD cut was having on it (“Yes, Alaska is now formally in a recession and Bill Walker singlehandedly is making it much worse …,” https://goo.gl/2EMcms).

In response a regular reader offered the observation that, reading the column, they were struck by the irony of what this Administration was doing compared to the last.

Through government overspending the last Administration (and legislatures) created an economic bubble, breaching fundamental economic policy at the high end of a commodity cycle by creating a level of economic activity (and expectation) that was unsustainable over the long term, hyping the then-current government economy at the expense of those to come. Continue reading