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Alaska Fiscal & Oil Policy| Where the two worlds collide …

Facing Up To Alaska's Fiscal Future (Jan 9 2013 pg 1)I had the opportunity yesterday to present before the second day of Lead: North’s “Investment Inquiry.”  For those that aren’t familiar, Lead:  North is a project of the Institute of the North, which is designed to “act as a platform from which young Alaskans, ages 21-40, are educated about – and engaged in – their responsibilities to one another, their community, and state.” Continue reading

Alaska Fiscal Policy| A Discussion with Paul Jenkins

Paul Jenkins

Paul Jenkins, from the Anchorage Daily Planet,  is sitting in as guest host this week on The Mike Pocaro Radio Show and asked me to join him yesterday (1.9.2013) afternoon to talk about Alaska fiscal policy.  The Planet had editorialized earlier in the day (“More Swell News“) on the report on Alaska fiscal policy released last week by the University of Alaska’s Institute for Social and Economic Research (“Maximum Sustainable Yield:  FY 2014 Update“).

The Daily Planet’s editorial concluded: Continue reading