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On a personal note …

Johnny CashToday (February 26) is Johnny Cash’s birthday.  He would have been 81.  My first concert, lifetime.

Of many pieces over a long, long career, among his last and perhaps his most powerful is available by clicking on the picture.

Alaska Oil Policy| Some initial thoughts on the first CS for SB 21

Some initial thoughts on CS for SB 21 (2.24.2013)The Senate Resources Committee on Friday (February 22) took up the first Committee Substitute (CS) for SB 21.  The working draft the Committee reviewed is available here.  A webcast of the hearing is available here.  The slide decks used by the consultants in analyzing the proposed change in tax rates are in the hearing folder, available here.

The CS proposes modifications of the Governor’s original bill primarily in five areas .  Those areas are: Continue reading

Alaska Oil Policy| “If we don’t fix fiscal policy at the same time, doing oil tax reform will be like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic …”

Bradford Keithley Comments on SB 21 HB 72 (2 18 2013.1)_Page_01Yesterday I testified before the House and Senate Resources Committees on SB 21/HB 72, the Governor’s proposed oil tax reform bill.  A copy of my presentation is available here.  

The webcast archive of the House Resources Committee testimony is available here (beginning at 78:22).  The webcast of the Senate Resources Committee testimony is available here (beginning at 127:15).  Both are about 30 minutes. Continue reading

Alaska Oil Policy| Quote of the month, from Liberal BC Premier Christy Clark

BC Premier Christy ClarkBritish Columbia Premier Christy Clark, from BC’s Liberal Party, announced Tuesday that BC will impose a tax on LNG sales, taking part of the revenue that producers anticipate receiving in exporting BC gas to the Pacific Rim.

According to an article yesterday in the Vancouver Sun, “[t]he new tax is expected to play an essential role in building Clark’s promised Prosperity Fund …. Clark has said the fund, which is also financed from natural gas royalties and corporate tax income from the LNG industry, could amass more than $100 billion over 30 years.” Continue reading

Alaska Oil Policy| Testimony Before Senate Resources on “Alaska’s Oil Resources: Economic Challenges & Opportunities”

I testified Monday (February 4) before the Senate Resources Committee on “Alaska’s Oil Resources:  Economic Challenges & Opportunities.”    The purpose of the hearing was to put the development of Alaska’s oil in a global context and, from that perspective, identify the oil & gas opportunities that Alaska has going forward and the challenges it faces in attracting the investment necessary to achieve those opportunities.

After an introduction, the presentation was divided into three areas:

  • “Understanding the global oil & gas industry;”
  • “What is happening in Alaska – and why;” and
  • “Where do we go from here.”   Continue reading