Guest Column: Care Clift, the Alaska Libertarian Party Candidate for Governor

Publisher’s Note:  This is the second in a continuing series of guest columns by various state-level candidates who are focusing in this election cycle on the issues relevant to this blog — Alaska oil, gas and fiscal policy.  The first was by Alaska Constitution Party candidate for Governor J.R. Myers, and is available here.  The following is from the Alaska Libertarian Party candidate for Governor, Care Clift (website, Facebook).  The reason for publishing these pieces is explained in greater detail in the preamble to the previous piece from J.R. Myers.

Top Three Concerns for Alaska

By Carolyn F. “Care” Clift

Alaska Libertarian for Governor

Care Clift for GovernorMy top three campaign topics are minimizing government, individual rights, and economic responsibility.

By minimizing government, I plan to not only shrink the Alaska government’s budget by vetoing appropriations that are unnecessary, but I plan to fight the federal government in their efforts to bribe us into compliance with their rules, regulations, and mandates.

Since I will be the first Libertarian governor, I will be able to support or not support any bill on my desk, without worrying about pressure from my “party.”  We need to stop spending money, and live within our income, just as any household would have to do!  I will use both the Alaska Constitution and the US Constitution as my guides.  Education will continue to be fully funded, as mandated by the Alaska Constitution.

Individual rights are the backbone of libertarian philosophy.

The main difference between Republicans and Libertarians is that Republicans believe that we need laws to enforce “morality” at the expense of freedom.  Libertarians believe that individual rights should be protected even if the majority of the voters decide otherwise. For instance, the Alaska Constitution protects religious freedom, meaning that the majority religious beliefs cannot be forced on minority individuals. I believe in empowering men and women, equally, to make choices for themselves and their families, as long as they do not force others to agree to those choices.  Conversely, there should be no laws that force private companies and individuals to give special privileges to anyone.  The purpose of government is to defend our rights, our privacy, and our personal property.  Specifically, I support marriage/partnership rights, legal marijuana, woman’s choice, privately-funded school choice, medical privacy, electronic privacy, free market, and second amendment rights.

Unlike Democrats, Libertarians believe that everyone should have economic freedom to take care of themselves and their families, without government interference.

Allowing the government to take care of our families is demeaning and causes the next generations to also be dependent on the government.  Jobs must be encouraged, to build self-esteem and self-sufficiency. One should be able to purchase the type of healthcare that is best for you and your family, without the government, or none at all!   Asking the government to pay for (or subsidize) a service, whether it is healthcare, food, or education, means that the government has a say in what kind of services that you receive.  State funding means state rules.  Understanding this, I propose that school districts continue to provide public school choice as much as reasonably possible, including needs-based partial scholarships for students.  Private schools should be paid by the parents so that parents have complete control over their children’s education. To be truly free, we need to minimize the government’s interference in our lives by minimizing government programs, minimizing taxes, and protecting the individuals’ rights to make as many decisions as possible for themselves.

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