Alaska Oil Policy| “Oil Taxes 101”

Oil Taxes 101 (3.29.2013)At Rep. Lynn Gattis’ request I provided an afternoon “lunch and learn” (maybe more accurately given the hour, a “coffee and learn”) yesterday on oil tax issues.  The presentation was intended to provide a background mostly for House members not on House Resources or Finance, but who nevertheless will be called on to deal with the issues when the current oil tax reform bill reaches the House floor.

In the tradition of a lunch and learn, the presentation was more a discussion with members than testimony.  The discussion ranged over a number of issues, including the reasons for the “Oil & Gas Competitiveness Review Board” (contained in the Senate version of SB 21) and the effect of Alaska’s current fiscal policy on attracting long term investment.  The slide deck is available at Oil Taxes 101 (3.29.2013).  The archive of the webcast is available by clicking on the picture above, or here.

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