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“Don’t tax you, don’t tax me, tax that fellow behind the tree …”

Republished from “Observations & Updates” (Nov. 4, 2012).

220px-Russell_B._LongFor a time earlier in my life I lived in Louisiana.  During that period I became fascinated with the Long’s — Huey and his son, Russell, who during part of the time I lived in the state served as Louisiana’s senior United States Senator.

Both Long’s were the source of great quotes during their lifetime.  One of Russell’s returned to me this morning as I was reading an article from yesterday’s Fairbanks News-Miner.

The article — Armstrong Oil and Gas chairman talks future of Alaska oil — reports on recent remarks made by Bill Armstrong, chairman of independent oil producer Armstrong Oil and Gas.  The company is active in trying to develop new fields on the North Slope, and recently also developed a new field on the Kenai Peninsula. Continue reading

“Five things to look for in oil tax reform”: The radio interview

Casey Reynolds ShowLate last week I put together a piece that attracted some attention.  Entitled “Five things to look for in oil tax reform …,” the piece summarized the important characteristics that I will look for in evaluating various  proposed approaches to oil tax reform this coming legislature.

This week, Casey Reynolds had me on the Casey Reynolds Radio Show for an hour to discuss the piece and go through all five issues, one-by-one.    It is one of the best public discussions on the issue I have been involved with, inside or outside a radio or TV studio. Continue reading