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Five things to look for in oil tax reform …

Politico, a mostly online newspaper that covers national political affairs — and with which I often open my mornings — routinely attempts to provide readers with a guide to significant upcoming events with a list — usually five — of what they consider the most important things to look for as the event unfolds.

As Alaska begins to consider  changing its approach to oil taxes in the upcoming session, I have developed a list of five characteristics that I will look for in evaluating various proposals.  I share them for whatever value that may have to others. Continue reading

“Energy in Alaska” 2012

Mark Johnson, the General Counsel of Chugach Electric Association, Inc., and I are Co-Chairs the week after next (Monday and Tuesday, December 3 and 4) of a two-day conference on Energy in Alaska.  The conference does not focus just on the North Slope, or the Cook Inlet, or the OCS, or oil and gas, or electricity, or the instate energy crisis, or federal, or state issues.

Instead, uniquely among Alaska energy conferences, it covers all of the above, providing a pre-session review of both state and federal issues likely to be of interest in the coming legislative and business years.  I am honored to be serving my third year as Co-Chair of the Conference, the last two with Mark. Continue reading

Alaska Fiscal & Oil Policy| Now the really hard work begins …

The election results from last week have put Alaska Republicans clearly in charge of the Governorship, state House and state Senate for the first time  since 2006, when the Senate coalition was first formed.

As difficult as the election battles may have been, however, the hard work is only now beginning.

Most successful R candidates said during their interviews on local television stations election night that oil tax reform is their highest priority.  The Governor said the same. Continue reading

The Third in the Alaska Business Monthly series: “Alaska Oil Policy| Out of Alignment” (from the November 2012 Alaska Business Monthly)

As noted on these pages previously, recently I agreed to write a bi-monthly column on oil & gas issues for the Alaska Business Monthly.  This is the third column, originally published in the November 2012 print edition and available online here.

 As Alaska finishes this year’s election cycle and starts looking toward the coming legislative session there are several steps which are needed to restore Alaska as an attractive location for oil investment. Continue reading

Rare unanimity of opinion: Vote No on Bonding Proposition A

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The Fairbanks News Miner editorial page this morning made it official.  The editorial pages of the News Miner, the Anchorage Daily News, the conservative Anchorage Daily Planet (Paul Jenkins and Tom Brennan’s outlet), and Dermot Cole (the News Miner‘s lead columnist), amazingly given their different perspectives, all agree on one thing — Alaskans should Vote NO this coming week on Bonding Proposition A.

The Anchorage Daily Planet actually has doubled down on the issue, editorializing against the bond issue both last week (“Who“) and again today (“We’ll be voting no“). Continue reading