Daily Archives: February 29, 2012

Why Marginal Tax Rates Matter to the “Average Guy”

In an article responding to recent columns by Andrew Halcro and me, the Alaska Dispatch’s Amanda Coyne concludes that “Alaska’s oil tax myths, surprise, remain busted.” In reaching the conclusion, the Dispatch’s Coyne argues that “[b]y standards of the average guy — the one who isn’t getting rich working for the oil companies, the one who doesn’t have future political aspirations, and the one who, in fact, makes up nearly all of our majestic state — the oil-tax myths we busted remain busted.”

While I didn’t get the reference at first, a friend pointed out that the Dispatch’s Coyne apparently was attempting to be insulting at the same time as she was summing up her argument. Because I never have – and never will – run for office (heck, I couldn’t even get elected to the Board of the Alliance), I suppose I am the “one” she references who is “getting rich working for the oil companies.” Given the level of my contributions to, among others, the University of Alaska Anchorage, I am not sure my tax accountant would agree, but whatever. Continue reading