Daily Archives: February 22, 2012

Perkins Coie’s Daily Alaska Oil & Gas Newsletter Becomes Perkins Coie’s Weekly

We have received a great deal of positive response over the course of the last several months as we have published Perkins Coie’s Daily Alaska Oil & Gas Newsletter. The time required to edit and publish the daily edition, however, takes its toll on the ability to offer periodic, deeper commentary on the significance of the news items flashing daily across the screen and more importantly, taking a deeper cut at offering commentary – and solutions – on the problems that increasingly are confronting the development of Alaska’s oil and gas resources.

For that reason, effective this week we are converting the daily newsletter to a weekly. The newsletter will be refreshed each Sunday, with articles from the prior week, and then populated as the week goes along with additional articles from the current week. If we do it right, the result each Sunday will be a magazine, of sorts, capturing the most important stories and events from the week. And along the way during the week will be an evolving edition, capturing the most significant stories as the week progresses. We will tweet at PerkinsCoieAKOG periodically during the week when we have added a new set of stories we think are worth reviewing, and on Sunday when the new edition is ready to start the week.

For those of you interested in continuing to stay abreast of developments on a daily basis, we would suggest sometime during each day reviewing the headlines from various oil & gas and Alaska news services that are contained down the lower right side of the front page of “Thoughts on Alaska Oil & Gas.” Those feeds have been the source of many of the articles that have appeared in another form in the daily newsletter. The only difference is that the articles are not ordered and edited for significance as the daily newsletter has been. A quick glance down the column will give you a sense of the same thing, however – the news and analyses that are driving the day. Continue reading