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The Weekly Top 3 (8.20.2018)

Welcome to The Weekly Top 3 — our look at the top 3 things on our mind this week — for the week of August 20, 2018.

The Weekly Top 3 is a regular segment on The Michael Dukes Show. I join Michael on the Show each Tuesday from, now 6:20-7am for a discussion between the two of us about the three issues. The Show broadcasts on FacebookLive and via streaming audio from the Show’s website weekdays from 6-8am.

This week we had the discussion twice, sort of. We had the usual discussion with Michael on his show Tuesday morning, then we joined Michael again in the afternoon while he was sitting in as guest host of The Dave Stieren Show. There we had an abbreviated discussion about the same three issues, plus a “bonus,” fourth issue that Michael raised as a result of a piece by Andrew Kitchenman appearing Tuesday morning on the APRN news website.

The Top 3 issues are these: (1) our final thoughts on the primary and the issues we see emerging for the general (at 4:30 of the Dukes Show discussion), (2) our first thoughts on oil taxes (which we anticipate will emerge as an important topic this fall) (16:55), and (3) Sen Dan Sullivan argued that the fed tax cuts would pay for themselves — how’s that going so far as some start to talk about Tax Reform 2.0 (26:10).

The fourth issue, only on The Dave Stieren Show segment, is essentially whether Alaska can afford a full PFD (at 14:27 of the Steiren Show discussion).

The discussions are at the YouTube clips above. For those that prefer the audio versions, they are available on our Soundcloud page here (Dukes) and here (Stieren). For this and other complete podcasts of The Michael Dukes Show, go to the Show’s Soundcloud  page here.

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