Alaska’s Current Fiscal Situation in 10 Minutes (Tom Anderson Show 9.21.2017)

Occasionally I sit in as a guest host on morning talk radio.  This morning I sat in for Tom Anderson as guest host of KVNT 92.5FM/1020 AM‘s The Tom Anderson Show.  During the program I took 10 minutes to summarize what happened this past #AKleg session when push came to shove over making additional cuts to government spending, and what that means for Alaska fiscal policy going forward.  The goal was to bring those listeners interested up to speed on why things seem to be playing out the way they are on those issues.

The segment is at the YouTube clip above. For those interested, our YouTube home page with recent segments from other radio appearancesonline and radio ads and other presentations is here. For those interested in a simplified audio version, we also post our radio segments to Soundcloud.  Today’s segment on the Tom Anderson Show is available on Soundcloud here. For a collection of our past episodes on Soundcloud, go here.

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