Chris Story & I discuss an income tax …

Yesterday, Chris Story invited me to join him on his Homer-based “Alaska Matters Radio” program to discuss the proposal by some (including his home town State Representative, Paul Seaton) to institute an Alaska state income tax.  Chris’ interest was triggered by a recent piece I did on our Medium blog:  Reason № 3 behind why the Alaska economy is in a recession and potentially, about to get worse …“.

On our way to that topic we also managed to work in a discussion about the current status of the Alaska economy, the effect on that of the PFD cut made last year by Governor Walker and proposed to be made permanent by the Governor and others in the legislature, former Governor Jay Hammond’s approach to the use of earnings from the Permanent Fund and my recent meeting with Governor Walker to discuss my approach to addressing Alaska’s current fiscal situation.  A podcast of the discussion is available above or here.

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