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#KeepThePFD 3

This is the third piece in our a radio and social media campaign focused on urging legislators to retain the Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend as it currently is. The first two are here and here.

This piece is introduced in our social media campaign this way:

Economists tell us depositing the PFD directly into the pockets of Alaskans produces more Alaska income than if redirected to and spent by government. Simply put, we Alaskans produce more income — generate more money in the economy — if WE spend the money rather than government.

Alaska already is in a recession, if you agree with us that taking even more money out of the Alaska economy during these uncertain times through a PFD cut is the wrong step for Alaska, contact your legislator by email, text, by posting on Facebook or Twitter with one simple message — tell them you want them to KEEP THE PFD AS IT IS (a sample email and contact information for members of the legislature is available here: https://goo.gl/BT2BAz). Then, repost this video so that your friends do the same. For continuing updates and commentary on Alaska’s fiscal situation, like, follow and engage with us at Alaskans for Sustainable Budgets. #KeepThePFD

As we have discussed often on these pages, we believe retaining the PFD as it is, is an important part of developing a long term, sustainable Alaska budget and overall economy.  If you agree, please support the effort in the ways we describe in our social media post above.

We’ll take this …

2017-04-06Yesterday we received word that that the news aggregator “Feedspot” has included this blog in its listing of the global “Top 60 Oil and Gas Blogs and Websites.”  We are listed at No. 44 and the only one listed whose specific focus is on Alaska.

According to Feedspot, the ranking is based on: (1) Google reputation and Google search ranking, (2) influence and popularity on Facebook, twitter and other social media sites, (3) quality and consistency of posts, and (4) Feedspot’s editorial team and expert review.

If nothing else we appreciate the ranking because it has enabled us to identify some additional blogs focused on similar issues that we hadn’t been aware of before.  Readers can check out the full list, and perhaps similarly decide to follow a few more, here.