One last day guest hosting The Michael Dukes Show (Sept 8, 2016) …

As regular readers know, most Tuesday mornings at 7:20 am Alaska, I join KBYR AM700‘s The Michael Dukes Show to discuss the latest in Alaska oil and fiscal issues.

This week has been a bit different.  As I have explained in previous posts, with Michael off on assignment I have been sitting on the other side of the microphone as the show’s guest host.

Because some of the resulting discussions have touched directly on oil, gas and fiscal policy issues I have posted excerpts here (Sept 2) and here (Sept 6/7).

This post covers yesterday (Sept 8), the final day of my stint as guest host.  The relevant segments from the show are as follows:

  • Interview with Dean Westlake (D-House District 40, North Slope and Northwest Arctic Boroughs) about issues important to that district and the views there on state fiscal issues (6am block at 14:20),
  • Interview with Nils Andreassen, the Managing Director of the Institute of the North about Alaska’s Arctic issues, which touch on both oil and fiscal issues (6am block at 31:35),
  • My comments on spending levels at the University of Alaska (7am block at 3:15) (for the statement that triggered my comments see In lean times, supporters of Seawolves sports make their pitch to university president,” quoting UA President Jim Johnsen as saying: “We are the most dependent university system in the United States on its legislature for funding — No. 1.”), and
  • Interview with candidate David Eastman (R-House District 10, Wasilla & Susitna River Drainage) about issues important to that district and the views there on fiscal issues (7am block at 30:52).

Listen here or at the widget below for the podcasts of the show, and for past episodes of my regular Tuesday discussions with Michael on these issues, go here.

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