Fiscal Friday on The Michael Dukes Show (September 2, 2016)

As most readers know, each Tuesday morning at 7:20 am Alaska, I join KBYR AM700‘s The Michael Dukes Show to discuss the latest in Alaska oil and fiscal issues.

With Michael off on assignment, this past Friday I also sat in as guest host for the show.  Usually on Fridays the show revolves around firearms, with Michael calling them “Firearms Friday.”  With me sitting in as guest host, this past week the show transformed into “Fiscal Friday,” with parts of the first and second hours focused on Alaska fiscal issues.

Because I think they are informative on the issues we discuss on these pages I am posting the first and second hours of the show here.  In the first hour we were joined by Todd Moss, Chief Operating Officer and Senior Fellow of the Washington-based think tank, The Center for Global Development.  In addition to other works, Todd has published two books which center on fiscal programs similar to Alaska’s PFD.  The books are “The Governor’s Solution: How Alaska’s Oil Dividend Could Work in Iraq and Other Oil-Rich Countries (An Oil-to-Cash Reader)”  and “Oil to Cash: Fighting the Resource Curse through Cash Transfers.” 

In my experience, Todd has the best grasp of anyone of the significance of PFD-like programs to the strength and success of resource based economies.  He joined us at 13:00 into the 6am hour.

Then, Rep. Tammie Wilson joined us in the second hour to discuss her perspective on what are the most important fiscal issues that will be facing the legislature this coming session.  Standing for reelection this year for her fifth term, Rep. Wilson has served on House Finance since 2011, earning a reputation as one of the most fiscally conservative members of both the Committee and the legislature.  As always, the discussion with her was enlightening. She joined us at 14:15 into the 7am hour.

Listen here or at the widget below for Friday’s episodes, and for past episodes of my regular Tuesday discussions with Michael on these issues, go here.