David Eastman in House District 10 (Susitna River Drainage and Wasilla)

300x250 DEI am supporting David Eastman in the Republican Primary in House District 10.   Here’s my radio spot — that goes up today and will run through the election — to prove it.

The script, if you would prefer to read the ad rather than listen, is here.  A digital campaign, which links to this piece, will go up Monday.

Why am I supporting David?  Here’s the longer piece I published last week at Alaskans for Sustainable Budgets to explain it:

To me, there is an important difference in the House District 10 Republican primary, which has boiled down to a race between challenger David Eastman and incumbent Wes Keller.

The difference is that while the incumbent appears to talk a good game on fiscal issues while in the district, he is nowhere to be seen or heard from on them when in Juneau. As a result, the incumbent is the poster child for what has gone wrong in Juneau on budget issues — being a silent, reliable vote for leadership as the budget has veered more and more off course.

And it continues. If leadership had prevailed at the end of this year’s sessions, SB 128 (the GCI-backed permanent ‪#‎PFDcut‬ bill) would have made it to the House floor for a vote, and by most tally sheets, would have passed. It took the House Finance 6  standing up to leadership on the issue to stop the train.

In my experience David Eastman both understands the issues, and I believe will continue to be a strong and persistent voice for fiscal responsibility and sustainable budgets once he reaches Juneau, both outside and inside the caucus. He will be much more House Finance 6 than another safe vote on the leadership’s chit sheet. That, to me, makes all the difference in the world.

Earlier this month after watching the candidates debate Casey Reynolds had this to say about this race in The Midnight Sun:

“Eastman Tone Perfect, Wes Keller May be in Trouble — The House District 10 primary is a four-way race on paper, but in reality, it probably comes down to incumbent Rep. Wes Keller and long-time right-wing activist David Eastman.

… Mr. Eastman made for an impressive candidate in a Republican primary in a conservative district where the winner will be who can be the most credibly conservative. Eastman showed a calm and deliberative demeanor [and] an intellectually conservative thought process ….”

We appreciate that others who have looked at the race more from the perspective of social issues recently have reached a different conclusion about which candidate to support. But our view is that those more concerned about social issues won’t lose a thing by replacing the incumbent with David Eastman, while those more concerned about fiscal issues will gain a lot.

I have put my money where my mouth is in this race and am supporting David Eastman and urge those of you who are focused on fiscal issues to do the same. Here is where you can learn more: http://davideastman.org/. — Brad Keithley

For those of you that want to learn more about Alaska’s fiscal situation, start here then join the ongoing conversation at Alaskans for Sustainable Budgets.  

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