Daily Archives: August 16, 2016

This week (August 16, 2016) on The Michael Dukes Show …

Each Tuesday morning at 7:20 am Alaska, I join KBYR AM700‘s The Michael Dukes Show to discuss the latest in Alaska oil and fiscal issues.  Because today is the Primary Election Day edition, we started at the top of the hour (the 7:00 am segment).  I join Michael at 1:00 into the show.

Since it is election day, the discussion focused on what I think is the most significant issue facing voters this year — how we go forward on the PFD.  While the issue itself isn’t on the ballot, it is showing up in various ways in several primary races because of the positions various candidates have taken.  We discussed how the old Hickel v. Hammond debate is resurrecting itself in the current PFD debate, the role of the PFD in the Alaska economy and the importance of this election to the future of the PFD.

The recent piece by Charles Wohlforth on the differences between Hickel and Hammond on the role of Permanent Fund earnings that Michael and I use to start the discussion is here.  The guide to candidate positions on the PFD that I reference in the second segment is available here.

Listen here or at the widget below for today’s discussion; for past episodes, go here.