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An appearance on the “Weekend Edition” of the Michael Dukes Show …

As the Alaska budget battles start to heat up Alaska talk show host Michael Dukes invited me to join him on his weekend Fairbanks show for a deeper dive into the issues.  We spent an hour discussing the background of how we got here, my take on the Governor’s proposal and GCI’s recent new affiliated effort (“Alaska’s Future“), the history, purpose and reasons why the PFD should not be cut, where I think spending can be and my view on a better way forward (a slide deck from a recent speech outlining my views is available here).

Listen here or at the widget below and for past episodes, go here.

This week (Jan 26, 2016) on The Michael Dukes Show …

Each Tuesday morning at 7:15 am Alaska I join KBYR AM750‘s The Michael Dukes Show to discuss the latest in Alaska oil and budget issues. This week we discuss who is coming after your #PFD (and why), where the Alaska economy is headed and why the two are related.  I join Michael at around 10:15 of the following segment.  Listen here or at the widget below and for past episodes, go here.

The FY 2016 Budget: Oops …

Fiscal CliffRemember last spring when the Alaska Legislature finally finished up the FY 2016 budget.

Yep, I do too.

The spending level authorized when they did?  $5.18 billion (see circled number below, line 40).

FY 2016 Fiscal Summary (1.23.2016)

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A Way Forward on the Alaska Budget: A Presentation to the Friday Fairbanks GOP Lunch

Speaking on behalf of Alaskans for Sustainable Budgets and following on the heels of Governor Walker’s State of the State last night, I had the privilege of being the luncheon speaker at today’s Friday Fairbanks GOP Lunch to discuss the Alaska state budget.  As with a previous presentation last month to the Alaska Republican Assembly, the speech centered around three points:

  • Alaska is facing a budget challenge but it may not be as bad as some suggest.
  • In my view, there is a solid and realistic fiscal alternative to addressing the state’s current budget issues that doesn’t rely on PFD cuts or taxes.
  • The Governor’s and GCI’s (“Alaska’s Future“) PFD cut and other tax proposals are unnecessary, are imbalanced (between the private and government sectors) and may do more harm than good to the overall Alaska economy.

A copy of the slide deck is available in the window above or here.

Cuts to PFD much, much deeper than cuts to spending under Governor’s, GCI plans …

ThelmaLouise4_001PyxurzIn the course of recent conversations with Alaskans I have heard some say that they ultimately may be prepared to accept cuts in the PFD and/or the imposition of other taxes on the private sector as long as the state is prepared to make a similar level of cuts in the state government sector.

The purpose of this post is to analyze whether the level of cuts to each sector proposed each under the Governor‘s and GCI‘s recent fiscal plans meet that objective.

The conclusion?  Neither the Governor’s nor GCI plans treat the two sectors equally, by a long, long shot. Continue reading