Alaska’s Fiscal & Economic Future …

“Here’s My Proposal” (1hr, 50 min)

Fashioning a Compromise (38 min)

Fashioning a Compromise (38 min)

While I work on this week’s Sunday Morning Note here are the segments from Saturday’s  (Sept. 19, 2015) forum on Alaska’s Fiscal & Economic Future that featured the “citizen proposals” offered by former Attorney General John Havelock, First Alaskans Institute CEO/President Elizabeth Medicine-Crow, former Senator Gary Wilken, and me.  A copy of the proposals prepared by each are available here.

The first segment (“Here is My Proposal”) is the presentation of the proposals, questions from the panelists to each other, and questions of the panelists by former Deputy Revenue Commissioner (among other things) Larry Persily, Legislative Finance Director David Teal and conference organizers Gunnar Knapp (Director of the Institute of Social and Economic Research) and Cliff Groh (Chair, Alaska Common Ground).

Following an announcement of the results of the polling conducted after the first segment, the second segment (“Fashioning a Compromise”) is a discussion among the panelists of the factors involved in reaching a compromise among the various positions, and an outline of what form a compromise might take.

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