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Sunday Morning Note (Aug 30, 2015) …

Sunday Morning Note ...(Background on the source and purpose of the Sunday Morning Note is here.)

As usual, we start with this past week’s data.  After opening the week very roughly on the back of data indicating continued problems with Chinese demand, oil prices recovered sharply by the end of the week to close higher not only compared with the lows encountered at the start of the current week, but also even from the first of the month.

Here is the chart reflecting the closing prices this past Friday (an explanation of the source of the data is here); :

Sunday Note (8.30.2015)

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Sunday Morning Note (Aug 23, 2015) …

Sunday Morning Note ...A couple of weeks ago I started writing the Sunday Morning Note as a place to capture and make available data from the prior week and from time to time, a note or two if useful about things that arose during the week we may have missed, or are useful to capture again.

In this week’s Note we substitute for the latter a comment about an Alaska legislative hearing of significance this upcoming week.

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Sunday Morning Note (Aug 16, 2015) …

Sunday Morning Note ...Last week we started on Page Two of this blog a new weekly column, “Sunday Morning Note ….”  As we said there, “Sunday mornings are normally the time that I sit back, make an extra pot of coffee, and catch up on some of the past week’s data. Since I am doing them in any event I thought I would start throwing them up here, both as another place to capture them and to make them available to anyone else who may find them of value.”

Last week’s Note is available here.  Based on the strong response, this and subsequent weeks we are moving the Note over to the main page as a regular feature of this blog.  It will be used as a place to capture some data, and if useful, a note or two about things that arose during the week  we missed at the time, or are useful to capture again.

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