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The (much) better economic model for #AKFuture …

ISER Sustainable Budget Model

(Supplemental Note:  Following up on a reader’s suggestion, I published a brief supplement to this piece on 6.15.2015 to make available a couple of graphics reflecting the points made in the following piece.  The supplement is available at “Page Two” of this blog, here.)

Yesterday, after the legislature finally completed work on and passed the coming year’s (FY 2016) budget, I spent a large part of the day working through the two publicly available economic models recently offered to help Alaskans understand and help plot where the state should be headed going forward.

The first I spent time with was that released last weekend as part of Governor Walker’s “Conversations with Alaskans”.  That model is available for download here (*see additional footnote below). 

The second was that released earlier this year by the University of Alaska-Anchorage’s Institute for Social and Economic Research, the best non-partisan economic think tank in the state.   That model is explained and available for download here.

There are significant differences between the two.  Continue reading