Daily Archives: June 27, 2014

“There you go again …”: The Real Parnell Fiscal Record, Part II

There you go againAfter listening to Jimmy Carter ramble on inaccurately again about some issue during the single Presidential debate of 1980, Ronald Reagan turned to him, smiled, shook his head a little in the way that only Reagan could and said simply to Carter, “there you go again.”

That moment came to me the other day as I was reading yet another press release from Governor Parnell’s office claiming success in keeping “Alaska’s fiscal future strong.”

Clearly, Sean Parnell has become the Jimmy Carter of our time.  When it comes to the state’s fiscal position, Parnell, like the Carter of old, seems capable only of repeating over and over again the same old, tired — and completely inaccurate — mantra.  As President Reagan would have said to Parnell when reading his most recent press release, “there you go again.” Continue reading