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Feel free to copy …

I have been playing with a new logo for this page and elsewhere and am beginning really to like this one.  Feel free to copy … or comment if you have other ideas. Continue reading

Guest Column: J.R. Myers, The Alaska Constitution Party Candidate for Governor

Publisher’s Note:  From time to time as we approach the coming election I intend to offer various candidates who are focusing on the issues relevant to this blog — Alaska oil, gas and fiscal policy — the opportunity to post guest columns on these pages.

The first of those is below, from J.R. Myers, The Alaska Constitution Party candidate for Governor.  Surprisingly given the importance of each to Alaska’s future, Myers is one of only two candidates for Governor that is currently supporting both the retention of SB 21 and the adoption of sustainable budgets (the other is Libertarian Party candidate Carolyn “Care” Clift). Continue reading

Why I am contributing to DeLena Johnson …

DeLena Johnson for State SenateSometimes I think I am in a unique position. I don’t have a state job or contract and don’t want one. I have never asked the Alaska state government to fund a pet project or cause because I believe those are private (not state) responsibilities, and so, contribute my own funds and if it is bigger than me, invest my time to raise the remaining funds privately from others. Continue reading

The best interview I have done on #SB 21 and Alaska’s fiscal future …


Click on icon above for podcast (starting at 10:05)

Over the past few years I have done a number of radio — and even television — interviews  on Alaska oil policy, and as it was being formulated and after it passed, SB 21, Alaska’s current approach to oil taxes.

In all that time, however, I don’t recall doing a better, more focused and succinct  interview on the topics than this past Tuesday with Chris Story on 700 AM KBYR, News and Talk of Alaska.  A podcast of the interview is available here (starting at 10:05, running to 30:40). Continue reading