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Alaska Fiscal Policy| If you thought that was “truly irresponsible,” how about this …

Time bombEarlier this week the Alaska Senate Majority was reporting from the Federal Overreach Summit, summarizing some of the key points made during the presentations. At one point during Senator Begich’s presentation they had this to say:

Begich: Federal debt = $46,000 per man, woman and child in US- That is truly irresponsible

It is not clear from the context whether the editorial observation of  “that is truly irresponsible” was the Senator’s or the Alaska Senate Majority’s, but for this purpose it really doesn’t matter. Likely, both agreed on the statement.

The interesting fact that was not added to either Senator Begich’s comment or the summary, however, is the size of Alaska state debt “per [Alaskan] man, woman and child.” Continue reading