… and now, a Facebook page

Thoughts on Alaska Oil Gas Logo

As those who follow my Twitter and Facebook pages already know, sometimes I come across articles or commentary that I find of interest, but which don’t necessarily make it onto these pages  because of either time or space limitations.  I do, however, post or link to them on those sites and, over time, they have developed something of a following of their own.

To help bring some focus to the branding, I have set up a Facebook page for “Thoughts on Alaska Oil & Gas,” where I will post links and comments to such articles and commentary in the future.  I also have put a link to both that page and my Twitter on the right hand side of this blog, which will carry the most recent posts and a link if readers are interested in more.  For those interested in fiscal policy, I contribute occasionally to a Facebook group, “Alaskans for a Sustainable Budget,” which some readers also may find of interest.

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