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Alaska Oil Policy| Understanding Investment (the sixth in the Alaska Business Monthly Series, from the May 2013 edition)

As noted on these pages previously, I write a bi-monthly column on oil & gas issues for the Alaska Business Monthly.  This is the sixth column, originally published in the May 2013 print edition and available online here.

Petoro Investment Cycle Slide 2Alaskans heard the word “investment” a great deal during the recent legislative session.  They likely will hear more of the word in the months and years ahead as the state continues efforts to bring increased investment to the North Slope, and others evaluate whether those efforts are successful.

In that context I thought it would be useful to write a column on oil investment.

The Chart

To do that, I have borrowed a chart from a company called Petoro.  Those who read my January column (“Alaska Oil Policy:  Achieving Alignment,” Alaska Business Monthly, Jan. 2013), will recognize Petoro as the arm of the Norwegian government engaged in co-investment with industry in the development of that country’s oil and gas resources.  I chose to use a chart from Petoro because it is viewed largely as a neutral entity, not likely to tilt the information playing field one direction or another. Continue reading

Recognition …

I should have realized something was happening yesterday morning when I started receiving emails about my morning blog post on the UAA controversy shortly after it was published.   I hardly ever receive email on a blog post and certainly not so quickly after it is posted.  But first there was one, and then there were more emails, some providing leads on where I should look next.

By the end of the day, the number of hits to the blog set an all-time record (over 200 in total, 184 on the UAA post alone) and I had received more emails than on any previous topic.  All were supportive; none were critical of the piece or attempted to defend Chancellor Case or Dr. Cobb.

Now, I don’t claim to be a citizen journalist and the time that I have to spend on these posts is limited, but after looking at some of the things I was sent — all from people in Alaska — I would say that the issue of UAA funding — and whether Dr. Cobb or the legislative appropriations process deserves credit for UAA’s DII success — is a target rich environment. Continue reading