Rare unanimity of opinion: Vote No on Bonding Proposition A

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The Fairbanks News Miner editorial page this morning made it official.  The editorial pages of the News Miner, the Anchorage Daily News, the conservative Anchorage Daily Planet (Paul Jenkins and Tom Brennan’s outlet), and Dermot Cole (the News Miner‘s lead columnist), amazingly given their different perspectives, all agree on one thing — Alaskans should Vote NO this coming week on Bonding Proposition A.

The Anchorage Daily Planet actually has doubled down on the issue, editorializing against the bond issue both last week (“Who“) and again today (“We’ll be voting no“).

The New Miner editorial this morning summed it up this way

Alaskans will be asked to commit themselves to borrowing almost half a billion dollars on Tuesday to pay for three dozen construction projects across the state. They should decline.

Alaskans don’t mind taking on debt for projects of statewide importance, but first they should have good information about those projects. The case for the bond proposition on Tuesday’s ballot hasn’t been made, and the information the public does have has raised too many questions.

Links to the remaining editorials are as follows:

As readers of these pages will know, I have taken the same position.  See Alaska Fiscal Policy|  Vote No on Bonding Proposition A.  

Think about it.  When have the editorial pages of the Anchorage Daily News and the Anchorage Daily Planet, not to mention Dermot Cole and the Anchorage Daily Planet, ever agreed on anything.  The fact that they have on this issue is meaningful.  The Fairbanks News Miner seals the deal.

Vote No on Bonding Proposition A.

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