A Conversation with Tom Anderson: Oil, Gas & Fiscal Policy … and a little Celtic Music

I joined Tom Anderson in studio Monday afternoon for a discussion about Alaska oil, gas & fiscal policy … and ended up also talking a brief bit (at the end) about celtic music.

The tape of the show is here:  Ethically Speaking with Tom Anderson, Monday, Oct. 1, 2012.

The first part focused on Alaska oil and gas issues, and how the look of the next legislature may affect them.  The merits — and issues around — moving to a more sustainable budget model — see “What is Alaska’ s Fiscal Policy …” featured prominently in the last half of the discussion.   For those interested, the discussion here is a good continuation of that I had last week on Alaska Political Insider.

(There are gaps in the tape where the breaks occurred.  Just let the player keep running and the discussion will continue when we returned to the discussion.)

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