#KeepThePFD Template

Here is a suggested draft of an email or letter to legislators urging them to #KeepThePFD as it is.  Contact information for members of the Alaska Senate is here.  Contact information for members of the Alaska House is here.

Template for Email or Letter Communication with Legislator

[Cut, paste and modify as appropriate to the message you want to send]


Dear [Senator] [Representative] _________________:

My family is asking you to vote at every opportunity this session to keep the PFD as it is. We oppose cutting — or what some refer to as “restructuring” — the PFD in any way.

The reason is simple.  My family is better at spending the money than government.  We have heard on the radio and read how government is spending the money:  giving cash to oil companies, funding ghost government positions, subsidizing a lounge and gourmet chef for legislators.

If the full PFD instead stays in my family’s pocket it will be spent right here at home for much more important things: to help fund my children’s’ college education, pay my heating bills, pay my medical and insurance costs and offset the other high costs of living in Alaska.

Government needs to cut its spending, not the PFD.  We need to maintain and grow the Alaska economy families, not government.

As a result, my family is asking you to support keeping the PFD as it is.