The Weekly Top 3 (10.14.2019)

Welcome to The Weekly Top 3 — our look at the top 3 things on our mind this week — for the week of October 14, 2019.

The Weekly Top 3 is a regular weekly segment on The Michael Dukes Show. The Show broadcasts on FacebookLive and via streaming audio from the Show’s website weekdays from 6-8am. I join Michael each week on Tuesday’s show, from 6:20-7am, for a discussion between the two of us about the three issues.

This week our Top 3 issues are these: 1) rather than acting as a non-partisan source of analysis, the Legislature’s Legislative Finance Division is rigging the information deck being given to Alaskans (at 1:46); 2) what is the difference between the current statutory PFD and one based on a 50/50 split of the SB26 POMV draw; and 3) what is the impact on Alaskans and our fiscal situation of adopting the second approach, what some refer to as 50/50 POMV. (The discussion of the second and third topics are combined and begin at 21:47.)

The segment is at the YouTube clip above. For those that prefer the audio version, it is available on our Soundcloud page here. For this and other complete podcasts of The Michael Dukes Show, go to the Show’s Soundcloud page here.

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