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The Weekly Top 3 (12.10.2018)

Welcome to The Weekly Top 3 — our look at the top 3 things on our mind this week — for the week of December 10, 2018.

The Weekly Top 3 is a regular segment on The Michael Dukes Show. I join Michael on the Show each Tuesday from, now 6:20-7am for a discussion between the two of us about the three issues. The Show broadcasts on FacebookLive and via streaming audio from the Show’s website weekdays from 6-8am.

This week our Top 3 issues are these: (1) the potential consequences for fiscal reform arising from Rep. Gary Knopp’s departure from the House Republicans (at 3:03), (2) our thoughts on Governor Dunleavy’s administrative order consolidating the budget making process into the Governor’s office (19:05), and (3) a recent op-ed hi-lites one of the reasons why we consistently focus on and oppose fiscal approaches which have the effect of kicking costs created by one generation down the road to those that come after (24:45).

The segment is at the YouTube clip above. For those that prefer the audio version, it is available on our Soundcloud page here. For this and other complete podcasts of The Michael Dukes Show, go to the Show’s Soundcloud page here.