Tom Anderson Show (7.26.2018)

Yesterday, we hosted the Tom Anderson Show for a day. As we always do, we used the opportunity to explore with knowledgeable guests various oil, gas and fiscal policy related issues important to Alaska. The segments are at the YouTube clips below. For those that prefer the audio version, they are collected on our Soundcloud page here.

We started with Cody Rice, an analyst with global oil & gas consulting group Wood Mackenzie about the current global LNG market and #AKLNG‘s place in it.

In the second hour, we talked to Craig Medred, well known Alaska journalist now writing at, about this year’s fishing runs, how the politics of fish may affect this year’s Governor’s race and then, separately, about the quality of the reporting during this year’s Alaska election cycle.

Then in the third hour, we talked to we talk to Maya MacGuineas, the President of the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, about the current federal fiscal situation, the status of Social Security and ways that Alaskans can be involved in finding solutions.

And of course, in an around the three hours we also took the opportunity to offer some views of our own on (1) why we haven’t cut the #AKbudget more (at 0:48); (2) the #akleg‘s use of #CreditCard fiscal policy (8:05); (3) our view of the state of the #AKecon (10:24); and (4) our view of where we are headed this #akelect cycle (12:20).

Note to Brad ...

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