Daily Archives: June 7, 2017

The Special Session version of “Implementing Governor Hammond’s 50/50 Plan”

At their request, we are discussing Governor Hammond’s 50/50 Plan and other current fiscal issues at this evening’s meeting of the Mechanical Contractors of Fairbanks.  This is the presentation.  While we have updated the numbers to reflect the most recent revenue and other forecasts, we have made the most revisions to the section headed, “Why it is important to keep the PFD at 50%” beginning on page 21 of the slidedeck.

While we continue to hope that the Governor, Senate and House ultimately will back down or otherwise be thwarted by the end of this session from their proposals permanently to cut the PFD, if they don’t this is the first draft of the version we anticipate using subsequently to support the effort to repeal that legislation by referendum should it pass.