This week on the radio …

radio05As regular readers know each Tuesday morning at 7:20 am Alaska, I join KBYR AM700‘s The Michael Dukes Show to discuss the latest in Alaska oil and fiscal issues. This week Michael and I discuss SB 26, the Senate’s proposal to permanently cut the PFD in half, oil producer Repsol’s announcement last Friday that they believe they have discovered the biggest US onshore oil field in the last 30 years right here in Alaska, and what the latter topic means for the former. The clip below starts at my segment.

Toward the end of that segment House Minority Leader Charisse Millett called in to discuss the problems the Minority is facing in pursuing additional budget cuts (in order to avoid or limit the amount of “new revenue” required to be raised through PFD cuts and/or taxes).  Her conversation continued with Michael into the next segment, which is available here.

And then today (Friday) I joined KFQD’s The Mark Colavecchio Show to discuss why the Senate passed SB 26, what it means to the Alaska economy and the gradual meltdown going on in the House.  Again, the clip starts at my segment.

The segments from the two shows are below. For past episodes of my discussions with Michael Dukes and a previous one also with Mark Colavecchio, go here.

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