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My final message of 2016: we need truth …

letterRegularly during my stints guest hosting KBYR AM700‘s The Michael Dukes Show I use the 6:20am segment to cover my “Top 3” news stories of the day — sort of my equivalent of Michael’s “Bullet Point” segments.

While preparing for Friday’s “Top 3” I ran across that day’s editorial from the Fairbanks News Miner.  In previous editorials the News Miner had been counting down their Top 10 Interior Issues of the year.  Friday’s edition listed the final top 3; understandably, the number 1 issue of the year was “the state budget.”

As they explained why, they said this:

… without such a [fiscal] solution, the Legislature will soon deplete the Alaska Permanent Fund’s earnings reserve, the account out of which annual dividend checks are paid.

That statement effectively repeats something the Governor and others also have claimed Continue reading

An hour with Craig Medred …

craig_medredSome of the time last week during my stint as guest host of KBYR AM700‘s The Michael Dukes Show we spent an hour with a single guest, taking a deeper dive on an issue than the normal segments permit.  We previously have posted the discussion we had last Tuesday along those lines with Casey Reynolds and the one Wednesday that ultimately stretched into an hour with Senator Mike Dunleavy.

The podcast below is the hour long discussion that I had Thursday with long time Alaska journalist, and now blogger Craig Medred (  The podcast begins with a segment on Craig’s background, how he came to Alaska and the roles he has played since here.  Then in the second segment (the segment starts at 15:10) we start with a discussion about the blog itself, why he does it and the business proposition (or lack of one) behind it.

Finally, at about 22:15 we start in on Alaska fiscal issues by discussing why he disagrees with the exchange that Casey Reynolds and I had in the earlier, Tuesday segment.   For those interested in taking a deeper dive, the blog piece where Craig expresses that and which we use as the starting point for our discussion is here:  Taxing questions.

And then in the final segment (the segment starts at 33:00) I begin with the question, “You are king of the world … where do we go forward from here [on fiscal policy] in your view.” Its a question that Craig obviously had thought about and led to an excellent discussion for the remainder of the segment.

The podcast is here: