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Why Sen. Kevin Meyer’s defense of SB 128 opens the door to substantial increases in oil taxes …

Fiscal CliffLast week we wrote a piece with the title, Two questions for Senate President Kevin Meyer this coming Tuesday …https://goo.gl/4URKrN.   The piece outlined two questions we intended to ask Senator Meyer at an upcoming forum about SB 128 — the bill which permanently would have cut (i.e., taxed) the PFD received by individual Alaskans by more than half and transferred the difference to government revenues.

The bill subsequently was voted down in the House Finance Committee, but threatens to return this coming session.

The moderator of the forum directly asked the first question and Senator Meyer later answered the second in the course of responding to another question.  Understandably, the answers largely were a defense of SB 128, but in the course of answering those and one other about the PFD Senator Meyer used a phrase that has triggered some additional thought on our part. Continue reading