Daily Archives: April 11, 2016

Adding (yet) another thing to the website …

Fiscal CliffWhen I started this website several years ago I largely viewed it as a one-stop shop where I could collect my thoughts on various topics and, using RSS feeds, have a place quickly to scan and, if I wanted a deeper dive, have links to current industry news stories.  Over time I shared a link to the website to various friends and business associates who had similar interests, and from there it has continued to develop a somewhat broader audience, but at its core I still view it mostly as a place that I can go quickly in the mornings or during the day to catch up on things that I find important.

In that vein I have added today a new “window” on the right hand side of the website where I intend to keep a running version of the current shape of the FY 2017 Alaska budget as it moves through the remaining steps until enacted and signed by the Governor.  The version there now reflects the versions of the Operating Budget passed by the House and Senate last month, updated with the recent revision to oil & gas tax credits (HB 247) forwarded out of House Finance last Friday and now awaiting action by the full House.  I intend to update the window later today for the version of the Capital Budget adopted today in Senate Finance.

As you will note, adding the costs associated with the recent revision to oil & gas tax credits now puts the proposed House spending level well over the $4.5 billion mark which several in House leadership and on the Finance Committee previously have identified as their target.  Readers will find posts about our deep concerns on that development at Alaskans for Sustainable BudgetsWe will note the addition of future revisions to the window at that same site.

As always, we encourage readers to share any thoughts they may have on the information available at this site.