The most important thought piece this year …

ClarityThe Alaska Dispatch News last week published what is likely the most important thought piece — at least on fiscal policy — yet this year.

Cutting through the fiscal cacophony currently rampant in Juneau and elsewhere, UAA Professor Emeritus and former ISER Director Dr. Scott Goldsmith said this about the state’s current fiscal crisis:

But we don’t have to go down that path. If managed properly, income from Alaska’s assets — oil revenues and earnings from all our financial accounts (including the Permanent Fund, which was created to take over the support of public services from declining petroleum revenues) — can sustain both a $2,000 dividend and a stable and predictable state budget of about $4.5 billion, growing with inflation and population, long into the future.

The full piece is here.  If you care anything about this issue — and all Alaskans should — you should read it … maybe several times.

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