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Sustainable Arctic Oil & Gas Exploration and Development (from the November 2013 Alaska Business Monthly)

Arctic Oil & Gas Basins (Nov 2013 AK Business Monthly)

Arctic oil and natural gas resource basins in the Arctic Circle region (click to enlarge).
Source: US Geological Survey

In addition to pieces on this page and elsewhere, I have been writing a monthly op-ed column on oil, gas and fiscal policy issues for the Alaska Business Monthly.  The following piece is the last in that series (at least for awhile), as I go to the bench while some talk about me running for Governor (ABM’s policy understandably is to discontinue any “writings” by formally announced, or potential candidates). This final piece for the ABM was originally published in the November 2013 print edition and is available online here.  In the future I will continue writing a lead monthly article for the blog, called “The Monthly Lead.”

Normally pieces that begin with this title are about the environmental aspects of oil and gas exploration and development in the Arctic. This piece isn’t.

Instead, this piece is about the commercial aspects of oil and gas exploration and development in the Arctic and near-Arctic, and what economic characteristics make ongoing activity sustainable in some regions and not in others. From my perspective, there is a lesson for Alaska in the results. Continue reading