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Alaska Fiscal Policy| Reading the footnotes …

Northern Economics Shell Oil 2013 (p. 9, 7.26.2013)While doing some research this past week for an upcoming piece in the Alaska Business Monthly (ABM) I ran across a telling footnote.  The upcoming piece is about the potential effect of Alaska OCS development on state finances; it will appear in the September edition of the ABM.

The footnote is from a February 2011 joint study prepared for Shell Oil Company by Anchorage-based Northern Economics and the University of Alaska-Anchorage’s Institute of Social and Economic Research (ISER).  Somewhat misleadingly, the study is entitled “Potential National-Level Benefits of Alaska OCS Development.”  The title is somewhat misleading because the 2011 study also updates a review of the state-level benefits reflected in an earlier, 2009 study for the same client by the same groups. Continue reading