Daily Archives: August 21, 2012

A pop quiz (updated) …

Which state Senator said yesterday about this year’s state budget, “we have actually done a very good job managing Alaska’s spending. … We got it right.”  Senator French?  Senator Wielechowski?  Nope, guess again.

The answer is Senator Lesil McGuire during yesterday’s Alaska Live with Bernadette.  Why is that conclusion wrong?  Read almost any commentary on this page in the last three months.  For starters, read the commentary that follows this.

[The entire interview with Senator McGuire is available here.  The portion dealing with the budget begins at minute 48:05.  A transcript of the relevant portions follows.  In reading the following, it is important to understand that the Capital Budget is managed by the Senate Finance Committee, of which Senator McGuire is a member; the Operating Budget is managed by the House.  Bernadette is asking about the Capital Budget.]

Bernadette:  Let me ask you, with the budget.  Would you agree, I mean there were comments that came out, obviously from Representative Bill Stoltze Continue reading