This Blog: Adding a New Source to the “One Stop Shop” …

From the beginning, this blog has been intended primarily to provide a “one stop shop” for those interested in keeping up to date on developments and trends affecting Alaska oil & gas.  Part of that is through the commentaries appearing on the left hand side of the page, part is through the shorter commentaries linked on the top right of the page, but an important part also is through the headlines appearing under the header “Daily News and Articles” appearing farther down the right side of the page.  That column contains the current headlines from the news sources which I believe, combined, provide the best insight into current developments and trends affecting oil in Alaska and the industry at large.

Today we are adding a new source to that feed.  The source is “Oil & Gas News from the Office of the Federal Coordinator.”  Curated by Larry Persily and Bill White, this feed identifies news and insight which the curators believe affect the commercialization of Alaska gas.  Given their unique insight, I believe that it provides an invaluable resource to those interested in remaining current in the area.

Of course, a reader can follow that news source and the others on the page separately by subscribing individually to the RSS feed at each of the sites (the Persily/White curated feed, for example, is available here).  When reviewing the latest news, however, I like to have it all in one location so that I can see the emerging trends and spot the occasional story that only one or two sources picks up.  If you share that interest, feel free to bookmark this page and scan all of the current headlines daily by scrolling down the column.

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