Legislative Presentations on Norway Oil & Gas Policy

On Thursday (January 26), Ira Perman, the Chairman of the Institute of the North, Nils Andreassen, the Executive Director, and I made two presentations regarding the Institute’s fall 2011 Norway Policy Tour.  The focus of my segment was on the potential lessons which can be learned from Norway’s oil & gas policy and, in the presentation before House Economic Development, Trade & Tourism, some thoughts on the manner in which some of lessons could be adapted to Alaska.

The first presentation was before the House Economic Development, Trade & Tourism Committee.  The Gavel-to-Gavel (video/audio) archive of the presentation is at Hearing Before House Economic Development, Trade & Tourism (January 26, 2012).  The documents considered by the Committee, including the slide deck accompanying the presentation, are at Hearing Documents.  My portion of the presentation starts at (minute) 19:00.

The second presentation was before an open “Lunch & Learn,” sponsored by House Resources.  The Gavel-to-Gavel (video/audio) archive of the presentation is at  Lessons Learned from Norway Presentation by the Institute of the North (January 26, 2012).  The slide deck accompanying the presentation is at Norway Report Legislative Lunch & Learn.

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