The Norway Reports

As these pages previously have discussed, the Institute of the North led a policy tour of Norway last fall.  Now, moderated by Institute of the North Chairman Ira Perman, some of those who participated in the tour are reporting on the results.  My focus in those presentations is to discuss some of the lessons learned on oil issues, and their potential applicability to Alaska.

Collected here are the slide decks from two of the most recent presentations — the first from a full briefing covering a number of areas presented to a group at the Port of Anchorage on January 7, 2012, the second a more focused presentation before the Alaska World Affairs Council on January 13, 2012.  For those interested primarily in the lessons learned on oil and gas issues,      included here as separate sets are the slides from the AWACS presentation that focused on oil & gas issues, and from the Port presentation that focused  on some thoughts for how these lessons may be applied in Alaska.