9/16/2010 Estimated Alaska North Slope Netback Values

Market Bbl MMBtu
Oil $67.34/BOE $11.61/MMBtu
Gas (AGIA) Negative $0.39/BOE Negative $0.07/MMBtu
Gas (Valdez LNG) Negative $1.97/BOE Negative $0.34/MMBtu
Gas (Bullet Line) $0.29/BOE $0.05/MMBtu
Henry Hub
(netback reference for L48 gas)
$23.72/BOE $4.09/MMBtu

Beginning with prices posted on September 10, 2010, this page started including the “Henry Hub” price effective for the same day.  The reason for including that price is explained at “Reason for Adding the Henry Hub Price,” http://bit.ly/dj6oEo.  The remaining prices represent estimated values, netted back to the field level, for Alaska North Slope (ANS) oil and gas marketed through various options, based on closing prices for the relevant markets on the indicated day.  For an explanation of the basis for all of the estimated netback values, see “Basis for Estimates of Alaska North Slope Netback Oil & Gas Values (rev. Sept. 6, 2010),” (Sept. 6, 2010) http://bit.ly/cNqYw5.

One response to “9/16/2010 Estimated Alaska North Slope Netback Values

  1. I’m trying to find out if there is any oil production coming from the National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska.

    I’m also trying to find out what the status is of the Sour Dough field in eastern Prudhoe Bay. At one time development was held up due to dispute by Gov. Palin with President George Bush on what the Federal government take would be. Has this dispute ended?