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Reprinted from “The Link,” the Alaska Support Industry Alliance member newsletter

Entire article reprinted from “The Link,” 3d Quarter 2010, Alaska Support Industry Alliance (http://alaskaalliance.com/pdf/3rd_quarter_2010_link1.pdf)Written by The Alliance Staff.

ACES: The gift that keeps on taking (jobs and investment)

Oil and gas employment in Alaska has tumbled to its lowest level since late 2007 after a year when 1,500 jobs were lost and unemployment claims in the support sector more than doubled. Data compiled by the Alaska Department of Labor & Workforce Development’s Research & Analysis Section show that since a modest rebound during the first quarter of 2010, oil and gas employment fell again in the second quarter and by mid-year stood at its lowest level in 30 months.

In all, 1,700 oil and gas jobs have been lost since employment peaked at 13,700 in December 2008. Preliminary data had oil and gas employment at 12,000 in June this year – down 200 from May and 700 from February.

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